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How can I help?

Volunteer Impact and Opportunities

As a volunteer, you will join a community of forward-thinkers and contribute to this ambitious project. Your role will vary based on your skills and experiences, playing a crucial part in crafting our sociological experiment. Your insights and expertise will help shape the future of Phronecracy.

Welcome to the volunteer section of our Phronecracy project. Phronecracy, derived from the Greek 'phronesis' (practical wisdom) and 'kratos' (rule), is a novel form of government that applies wisdom for improved societal outcomes. Our mission is to fundamentally transform society by eliminating money and political parties, paving the way for a fair and sustainable future. We believe a large-scale sociological experiment is necessary to demonstrate our model's effectiveness. Since mere words aren't enough to encourage global change, we are at the early stages of planning this experiment and urgently require dedicated, skilled volunteers to help develop a viable plan and communication strategy.

Join Us

We warmly invite you to be part of this transformative journey. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your career, there's a role for you in our project. Your involvement is key to exploring how we can collectively create a better world. Below, you'll find key roles where your contribution will make a significant difference.


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Video Production Experts

Legal Experts

Social Media Manager

Research and Development Team

Community Outreach Coordinator

Fundraising Specialists

Content Writers / Editors

Graphidc Designers / Animators

Project Managers / Coordinators


Video production experts will be assigned the role of organizing and arranging the videos we make for our social medias and website. You will work closely with the graphic design team as well as the content writers to create compelling visuals and narratives.

Legal experts will have an extentive set of tasks to manage, one of the key ones being the oversight of our non-profit creation.

Social media managers are needed to run and manage our social platforms. Engage our audience and communicate our vision.

The research and development team will be in charge of analyzing Phronecracy's strengths and weaknesses, finding ways to improve the project.

Community outreach coordinators will facilitate activities designed to engage the public in our cause.

Fundraising specialists will be in charge of raising money for our project. Phronecracy aims to be a global movement and will need all the financial support it can get.

Content writers will work alongside the video production experts and the graphic design team. Your role is to create enganging written content to be used in either video format or as text for our social medias and our website.

Graphic designers are in charge of creating visual appealing content to be used in a vareity of settings, such as youtube vidoes, website content, and social media content.

Project managers will ensure the monitored growth and deliverables of Phronecracy. 

There will be many unforseen challenges that our project will face. Any extra volunteer help we can get will be needed.

Join Us.

All of the positions listed are unpaid and strictly volunteer work. If the Phronecracy project resonates with you, and you believe that you can contribute to this global movement, enter your details by visiting the bottom section of our homepage. 

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