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The human mind possesses an incredible capacity to resist new ideas and concepts, a trait that has played a crucial role in our survival and progress throughout evolution. Many of the concepts presented here challenge our established beliefs and truths. This section is designed to offer thought experiments, visual aids, textual resources, and other tools, all aimed at expanding our mental horizons and enabling an unbiased examination of the presented concepts. Please be patient with the fact that many of the resources are very preliminary and crude.


A short summary 

Here is a 3 minute video explaining the motivation behind the project.


Phronecracy and AI

AI will bring drastic changes to our society. Only in the right economic and political environment will these changes be positive. Phronecracy is the way to go.


A call to action

We are actively looking for volunteers to support the project. Send us a message and become a part of Phronecracy.

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